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Welcome to Karpara Project Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

The 39 years of existence of Karpara have been full of achievements and exciting landmarks. We have executed big projects in more than 80 sites across 16 states in India. These projects have included erection of a number of boilers of varying capacities, turbines - both GTG and STG, and innumerable auxiliaries.

While we specialize in power projects, we have also undertaken numerous fabrication and erection jobs of vessels, tanks, structures, equipment, piping, etc. in industries ranging from cement to chemical, and paper to refineries.

Some of our significant achievements include:

  • Erection of 120 nos. of boilers across different industries in projects located in 16 states of India
  • Erection and installation of more than 45 turbines in major power projects
  • Undertaken fabrication and erection of cement machinery items/ equipment such as pre-heaters, calciners, baghouse, chimney up to 100m height, structures, etc
  • Erected vertical kilns, chutes, bunkers, hoppers etc. for Soda Ash plant
  • Received multiple accolades from clients for timely and efficient completion of projects
  • Regularly awarded second and third contracts for expansion of projects

The table below provides a brief insight into the wide range of mechanical erection activities we have carried out for different components in varied industries:

  • Electrostatic Precipitators
    Coal handling system
    Ash handling system
    Water Treatment Plants
    Deaerators, Tanks, Vessels
    BFP & other pumps
  • Compressors
    Ejectors, Agitators
    Feeders, Condenser
    Coolers, Heaters
    Rotary Kilns
    Screw Conveyers
    Bucket Elevators
    Copper Converters
  • Paper Mill Equipment
    Chemical Plant Equipment
    Nylon & Rayon Plant Equipment
    Cement Plant Equipment
    E.D.C. Crackers
    VCM Incineration Plant
    Yard Piping
    In Plant Piping
    Soda Ash Plant
  • Crusher / Mills
    Material Handling system
    Vertical Kilns
    Fume Treatment Plant

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