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Welcome to Karpara Project Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Karpara Project Engineering Pvt Ltd is a professionally structured organization with clear lines of communication and responsibility. We pride ourselves on our open door culture and for religiously following a policy that puts people first.

Each member of the Karpara family firmly believes in and strongly subscribes to the belief that we are successful because of our people. While we do have a well structured organization, every member of the management team, right down to the managers and supervisors are available to every single member of the staff at all times of the day. This has fostered a culture of togetherness and ownership in the organization that drives every single member of the team to achieve their best and take the organization forward by pushing the limits.

As an organization, KPEPL is a truly Indian company. Our people hail from almost every state and we are a perfect mix of the vastly different cultures that is India. This has given KPEPL a vibrant work environment that allows us to portray a local and regional face in each of the 16 sites that we are working in around the country.

At KPEPL, we truly care for our people; for us they are not just the means to run our business… they are the life blood of the organization. We are strictly against discrimination in any form and continuously strive to be a principled employer that treats every person with equality. This attitude has been one of the driving reasons behind our exceptional growth.

Life at Karpara Project Engineering Pvt Ltd is a great learning experience and we invite you to come and explore how you too can be a part of this experience.

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